The Spot*
Clearlake, Calif.

Burgers   Bar   Live Music

A classic 1950s themed bar and grill on the lake.  
Come for the food.  Stay for the music.  
Remember good times.

Coming to The Spot*
(NOTE: Scroll Down to the text for the full schedule)

  1. Holus Bolus
    Sep 14
    Holus Bolus
    One Man Acoustic Loop
  2. Billy Bensing
    Mar 29
    Billy Bensing
    Folk/rock; originals
  3. Open "Mike" Night
    Feb 9
    Open "Mike" Night
    An acoustic open mic event hosted by MIKE Guarniero
  4. FOGG
    Classic Rock, Blues, Originals
  5. Erin Dee
    Mar 23
    Erin Dee
  6. Big Kiss Whiskey
    Big Kiss Whiskey
    Classic and Modern Country Western
  7. Beer Scouts
    Jul 27
    Beer Scouts
    Wide range of Rock
  8. Henry Oden
    Aug 2
    Henry Oden
    Master Bluesologist
  9. Howard Dockens for Mother's Day
    May 12
    Howard Dockens for Mother's Day
    Pop, Rock, Funk, R&B, Soul
  10. Time Travelers
    Time Travelers
    Classic Country, Rock, Blues
  11. Amanda Gray
    Mar 22
    Amanda Gray
    Award-winning Country/Americana
  12. Kenny Freeman
    Apr 6
    Kenny Freeman
    Texas Blues/Americana
  13. Claude Bourbon
    Jun 22
    Claude Bourbon
    Medieval & Spanish Blues
  14. Bushman’s Bash
    Aug 3
    Bushman’s Bash
    Bay Area


This is the line-up for the coming weeks.  All events are subject to change and weather permitting for outdoor performances.  To receive updates on these events, follow us on Twitter @Clearlake_spot or download our free App by pressing this button:


Unless otherwise noted, performances @ 6-9 p.m.

2019 Music Dates:

MARCH 2019

​Fri  3/22: Amanda Gray (Country/Americana)
Sat 3/23: Erin Dee (ukulele, guitar, piano)

Fri 3/29: Billy Bensing

APRIL 2019 

Sat, 4/6: Kenny Freeman

MAY 2019:
Fri 5/3:  FOGG
Sat 5/4:
Fri 5/10:
Sat 5/11:
Sun 5/12 (MOTHERS' DAY): Howard Dockens 11 am to 2 pm.
Fri 5/17: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat 5/18: Time Travelers

Fri 5/24: Clean Sweep
Sat 5/24: Mark Weston Band

Fri 5/31: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 


Sat. 6/1: Time Travelers

Fri. 6/7: Pyschedellos 
Sat. 6/8: FOGG

Fri. 6/14:  Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 6/15: Dr. Groove

Fri. 6/21: Clean Sweep
Sat. 6/22: Claude Bourbon (Medieval & Spanish Blues)

Fri. 6/28: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 6/29: Mark Weston Band
JULY 2019

Fri. 7/5: Clean Sweep
Sat. 7/6: Time Travelers

Fri. 7/12: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 
Sat. 7/13: Dr. Groove

Fri. 7/19: Psychedellos
Sat, 7/20: Clean Sweep

Fri 7/26: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 
Sat. 7/27 Beer Scouts

AUGUST 2019:

Fri. 8/2: Henry Oden
Sat. 8/3: Bushman’s Bash

Fri. 8/9: Dave Broida's Blues Farm 
Sat. 8/10: Mark Weston Band

Fri. 8/16: Psychedellos
Sat 8/17: Clean Sweep 

Fri. 8/23: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 8/24: Dr. Groove
Fri 8/30: Clean Sweep
Sat. 8/31: Beer Scouts


Fri. 9/6: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 9/7: Dr. Groove

Fri 9/13: Clean Sweep
Sat. 9/14: Holus Bolus

Fri. 9/20: Dave Broida's Blues Farm
Sat. 9/21: Dr. Groove

Fri 9/27: Psychedellos
Sat. 9/28: Mark Weston Band


Fri 10/4: Henry Oden