The Spot*
Clearlake, Calif.

Burgers   Bar   Live Music

A classic 1950s themed bar and grill on the lake.  
Come for the food.  Stay for the music.  
Remember good times.

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                    A Quick Meal Or A Place To Stay

In the 50s and 60s, diners and drive ins were not just a place to eat on the run.  They were a place where young folks came to meet up and hang out.

The neighborhood drive ins became like a home away from home (and from school). Remember this was a time when entertainment was scarce, especially for those on a young budget. For many, the diner was a place to be among friends and listen to music-- the kind that was not accessible (or allowed) at home.  

For many teenagers, the diner was a place where adult privileges and independence were first experienced.  It was also the very heart of social networking in its time.  And whether you arrived in your own car or your Dad's, pride in one's wheels reigned supreme. Many burgers, fries and shakes were consumed, but the diner experience involved so much more than eating and drinking. The magic of the diner was its communal culture, and the food quality was for the most part incidental.  Plentiful and affordable were the main food priorities.

We have preserved this page of Americana, and it is on full display at The Spot.  Not just to look at, but to experience.  And we want that experience to be enjoyed... with great food, personable service, and great music that you can't get at home.  All set on a lakeside property with breath-taking views of the water and vineyards on rolling slopes behind it.  

Come on in and stay a while.  Remember good times.

A Place To Remember Good Times
 The Spot* was built on a 1950’s diner theme. Quite often our parking lot looks like a classic car show.  The Spot* is a place where good old fashioned American values prevail.  Values that are reflected in our food, drinks, service and atmosphere. We provide a place for people to both remember good​ times, and create new ones.
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